The impact of rapidly evolving cyber threats on sensitive government programs has led the Department of Defense, NASA and GSA to make compliance with NIST SP 800-171 cybersecurity standards a requirement for non-federal entities that handle their sensitive, unclassified data (e.g. CUI, CDI, or CTI). Compliance with these new standards is required by December 31, 2017 for contractors and subcontractors, and will apply to current and future contracts. This session will examine the scope and impact of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplements (DFARS) Subpart 204.73 (and related regulations), as well as approaches to plan for, achieve, and maintain compliance in a manner that sustains and even expands the work businesses perform for the federal government.

Presenters: Jeremy Jackson and Amy Billinger, founders of Anneal Initiative, Inc.

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson is the founder of Anneal Initiative, Inc. an intelligence analysis and strategic planning business. Previously, Jeremy was the director of an intelligence analysis center in Kansas. Jeremy stood up and led the center’s unique integration of cyber and biological threat experts from industry, government, and academia into classified intelligence analysis starting with the center’s stand up in 2010. Before that Jeremy designed and developed that intelligence analysis center and other homeland security capabilities for Kansas.

Jeremy also serves in the Kansas Air National Guard at the 184th Intelligence Wing Headquarters. As an Intelligence Officer in the Guard, he performed strategic analysis and planning regarding intelligence and cyber capabilities for the Kansas National Guard Headquarters. His military intelligence experience also includes development of cyber threat and vulnerability assessment, as well as supervising analysts providing intelligence support to deployed forces. He previously served in the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard.

Jeremy also has nearly 10 years private sector engineering and project management experience, focusing primarily on electronic building systems and industrial controls for the power industry. Jeremy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 from Kansas State University and graduated with a Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies from American Military University in 2013.


Amy Billinger

Amy Billinger is a co-founder of Anneal Initiative, Inc. Prior to starting Anneal Initiative with Jeremy Jackson and Jennie Jackson, she was the Lead Analyst for Cyber Operations for an intelligence analysis center in Kansas. She drove the cyber intelligence processes that merged critical infrastructure vulnerability information with classified threat intelligence, allowing center analysts to provide early warning and produce risk assessments beneficial to both the intelligence community and a range of industries.

Amy also serves in the Kansas Air National Guard where she works as an Operations Intelligence Specialist. Her military background has included providing intelligence support for deployed forces and serving as the analytic lead for a team of roughly three dozen Army and Air National Guard analysts producing cyber, terrorism, and biological threat intelligence. Prior to working at the KIFC, Amy interned in the Intelligence Community as a multi-discipline analyst and Russian language analyst. Amy has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Military Studies from Washburn University.


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