How to Ask the Right Questions to Select the Right Security Vendors

The purpose of this session is to provide small businesses with information on how to identify what security products and services they need to protect their facility and personal. The goal is to educate small businesses to empower them to ask the proper questions so that they receive the correct security equipment and services to protect their assets.

Topics include:

1.       Small business security self-assessment (What do I need vs what are my vulnerabilities?)

2.       Self-monitoring vs Monitoring (cost vs effectiveness)

3.       How to pick the right surveillance system 

4.       Smart business technology


Presenter: Sam Alva, Director of Operations, TriCorps Security


Sam Alva

Sam Alva is the Regional Director of Operations for TriCorps Security. TriCorps Security performs multi-million dollar security projects including surveillance (CCTV), access control and IDS Systems as well as covert and overt risk and security assessments. Prior to his current role, Sam founded 3Delta Security in Wichita, Kansas. 3Delta provided security consultation and training to businesses in the Midwest. This small business grew rapidly and was acquired by TriCorps. It operates today and TriCorps Security – a sister company to TriCorps Cybersecurity.


Sam’s background includes 10 years of service in the United State Air Force as a Cyber Security Manager where he conducted numerous risk and security assessments for US Government and Department of Defense installations in various environments around the globe. He developed a unique and extensive skill set bridging the gap between cyber and physical security. Sam has a Master of Science in Security Administration from Southwestern College.


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