You Can Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

One of the many reasons I'm excited about our upcoming #cybersecurity conference #KSCyberForum.


Here are some comments from one of our speakers and panelists



"I believe the Equifax breach illustrates that no matter how large or small, you can pay me now or pay me later. Information Security is not always free, but the results of even a minor breach can spell certain disaster to the financial health of any organization. There seems to be an attitude of apathy as well as a huge failure to manage and implement best practices in businesses large and small. We cannot assume as business owners/managers that our data is not at risk. We must assume a pro-active, defensive posture to minimize our risks. We must invest in security before it is needed, not after it’s too late.


Butler County ( is dealing right now with a Ransomware issue. Again, when the dust settles it will come down to a lack of resources, lack of training/education, lack of investment, lack of testing/preparation, or a combination of these elements that resulted in loss of information.


Currently much of the Texas, Florida, and eastern seaboard is dealing with major catastrophes. Many companies will not survive because they didn’t have basic disaster recovery processes in place. Data security can no longer be an afterthought in our “connected” society. We must all learn and implement strategies necessary to protect our information starting with the very foundation of best security practice."


Brett Eisenman | Department Chair | Cyber Security, Networking Management 

Butler Community College


Brett will be speaking on 

Top 5 Economic Ways to Protect Your Business

Threats Facing Small Business

Brett will be a panelist on 

Wichita Area Cyber Education Programs


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